FoodNotLawns’ Documentary: ‘The Rise of Urban Agriculture in London Ontario’ (inaugural LondonSOUP Winner)

In the evening of St Paddy’s Day, at The Root Cellar Organic Cafe in Old East Village, a packed crowd watched the premiere of ‘The Rise of Urban Agriculture in London Ontario’, a documentary produced by Food Not Lawns (London) and crowdfunded at the inaugural LondonSOUP.

The documentary provided a comprehensive, first-hand account of the many urban agriculture initiatives in and around the city.

FNL is planning on holding a larger screening, but in the meantime, the documentary can be viewed in its entirety in the link below:

Congratulations to Food Not Lawns (London) and the many urban gardeners interviewed in the documentary.

Exceptional work in showcasing the City of London, Ontario and its sustainable residents!

You’ve made your community proud!

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