LondonSOUP ~ the beginnings

LondonSoup was started by a small group of food enthusiasts with an interest in promoting local, nutritious foods and sustainable projects.

What is LondonSOUP?

  • LondonSOUP is a grassroots micro-funder of creative projects
  • Our underlying theme is on sustainability: of locally sourced food ingredients, concept ideas & future business opportunities, working to integrate these in a positive manner within the local community.

Who is involved?

  • Our SOUPsters have worked together to create a public auditioning forum for the growth of business ideas from area entrepreneurs.
  • Through the participation of supportive LondonSOUP patrons, presenters are provided with the opportunity to meet, inform, persuade, discuss, collaborate, test-market, and compete for funding to support their ideas.

Have an idea?

  • We are asking artists, entrepreneurs, educators, students, performers, and other interesting people to submit proposals for one micro-grant for their sustainable project.
  • Obtain the proposal template read our presenters page
  • Thereafter, interested participants will congregate on a Sunday night at a central location to hear these innovative funding requests. All paying attendees receive a single vote to determine best idea presented, with the funding winner determined by majority vote.

Sustainable Philosophy

  • Understanding the interconnections among economy, society, and environment
  • Equitable distribution of resources and opportunities
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable community and society
  • Sustainable development
  • Sustainable business and production